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Red Russian Party in Milan

Last Friday 15 July in one of the liveliest areas of Milan, the famous bar "Davai Milano," was a unique Red Russian party. Lounge bar "Davai Milano" is made in a modern style and the famous range of cocktails based on vodka "Russian standard". In fact, the bar offers more than 100 types of exclusive cocktails. The name "Davai" bar was not accidental, the name comes from the Russian word "Come on", the word that Russian is often used instead of toast.

Red Russian Party was organized with the participation of Denis Sidorov, owner of the famous Milan magazine "Rivista Russa". The journal is published in Russian, and tells visitors and residents of Milan's most popular places for recreation and shopping.

Among the guests were the company "Italia Facile", where sends its heartfelt greetings!

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