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Milan-is the main economic centre of Italy

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For anybody not a secret that Milan is the major economic center of Italy. Perhaps that is why the choice of apartments ...

Closer to the stars!

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Giorgio Armani, one of the richest men in Italy, the founder of Armani. According to Forbes magazine, its capital has ab...

The Pearl Of Italy-Venice

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According to an old legend, the ancient people survived due to the fact that saved from the enemies in the lagoon, where...

Red Russian Party in Milan

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18.07.2016 10:56:00

Last Friday 15 July in one of the liveliest areas of Milan, the famous bar "Davai Milano," was a unique Red Ru...

Tips for buying property in Italy

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08.06.2016 10:52:00

The country of romance, art and La Dolce Vita. Italy is a sumptuous feast for true feelings. Cottages, houses, villas an...

Cheese Puzzone di Moena

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19.05.2016 10:49:00

Puzzone di Moena is a popular cheese that is produced in the eponymous town of Moena in Trentino-Alto Adige / südtirol. ...

Real estate prices in Italy

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04.05.2016 18:52:00

Italy is one of the popular tourist countries of the world. It has a rich cultural heritage, excellent climate, good inf...

Farm Guzzafame

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04.05.2016 10:03:00

In this article we want to tell you about an unusual place, which is close to Milan. Farm Guzzafame is an age - old fami...

Paestum in Italy

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11.02.2016 20:22:00

Many believe that the Greek churches preserved only in Greece, but in cities, settlements near the Black sea. But that&#...

To buy a house in Italy

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03.02.2016 18:38:00

Italy - this country, which from time immemorial famous for its ancient buildings, wonderful climate, scenery, warm sea ...

Bread "Carasau"

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01.02.2016 18:00:00

Bread "Carasau" the most famous bread in Sardinia. Also this bread called "Carta di musica", which t...

White asparagus

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25.01.2016 14:05:00

In April, the lovers of white asparagus from around the world gather in the town of Bassano del Grappa, the undisputed l...

"The last supper" by Leonardo da Vinci

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21.01.2016 15:00:00

The painting "the last Supper" was completed in 1498. The story depicts the last supper of Jesus with his disc...

Balsamic vinegar

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11.01.2016 14:00:00

The first mention of balsamic vinegar are to be found in 1046. According to the manuscripts, Italian Marquis Bonifacio gave...


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05.01.2016 04:19:00

Struffoli is a traditional Neapolitan sweet. Most often, struffoli preparing for Christmas and New year, and give to rel...

Christmas table in Italy

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31.12.2015 10:59:00

The Italians are very sensitive to the traditions of celebrating the New year, moreover they are very superstitious. So,...

Cheese Montebore

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28.12.2015 13:31:00

Cheese "Montebore" is considered one of the rarest cheeses in the world. This cheese is made from a mixture of...

The healthcare system in Italy

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16.12.2015 14:28:00

The healthcare system in Italy is considered to be one of the best in the world. In the international ranking it the cou...

Work in Italy

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16.12.2015 14:19:00

The question today, is it possible to find work in Italy are there in Italy working for the Russian, increasingly set in...

Average salary in Italy in 2015

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16.12.2015 14:16:00

The question today, what are the wages in Italy and who better to go to work there, is increasingly heard in the network...

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