Immigration to Italy

Immigration to Italy

     To date, the situation in the world, unfortunately, is far from stable. Difficult political situation, problems in economy and ecology, traditionally high level of corruption. And sometimes you just want to start a new life in a new place. The reasons for leaving may be different, but the main question is one – where? And one of the best options, we believe, will be immigration to Italy.

Reasons for migration to Italy

     Why Italy, because the countries with which you can connect your life, a lot? The fact is that moving to Italy from there are several undoubted – and very significant-advantages over other options:

  1. Climate. Very soft, warm and hospitable weather conditions in Italy – perhaps this is almost the main reason why people move to Italy for permanent residence;
  2. Kitchen. In Italy, really great cook: all kinds of pasta, soups and, of course, desserts! It is also important that this kitchen is not exotic, you do not need to get used to it for a long time;
  3. Culture. Italians are very hospitable people, devoid of any signs of excessive aggression. At the same time, sincere goodwill to immigrants is a huge plus, which not every European country can boast of;
  4. Cultural heritage. Italy is the cradle of European culture, there is no such density of various monuments anywhere else in the world;
     And, of course, a very important role is played by a high standard of living. Italy is a European country with excellent education, modern medicine and stable economy.

How to immigrate to Italy?

     Have you decided that moving to Italy for permanent residence is your choice? Then it's a small matter: to understand how to immigrate to Italy. There are several ways to obtain a residence permit in this wonderful country:

  • Family reunion. The easiest option is available to those who live in Italy close relatives. This method includes marriage with a person who has Italian citizenship, or adoption by them;
  • Employment contract. You first look for a job in an Italian company, conclude an employment contract with her, and only then get a visa that allows you to reside permanently in the country;
  • Business immigration. Perhaps the most versatile option. You are required to have a business plan, initial capital, and proof that you have experience in creating and running a business;
  • Residenza elettiva. Suitable if you can confirm your high solvency.

     Of course, there are many questions that are difficult to understand on their own. Trust our experts, and we will do everything to ensure that the immigration process does not take much of your time and effort. We practice an individual approach to each client: please, and we will solve all the problems for you.

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