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Marriage registration in Italy

For foreign citizens marriage registration in Italy are available only under the condition that one of the future newlyweds is a resident of this state. In special cases can sign foreigners not resident in Italy, but here we are talking about a ceremony held on a paid basis. Service is rather expensive, consider this.

For the official registration of marriage in Italy requires a standard set of documents:

  • A valid passport;
  • Visa (Schengen or Italian) or a residence permit;
  • Certificate of Nulla Osta al matrimonio (confirms the absence of obstacles to the marriage registration).

Additionally, the mayor may request a divorce certificate or birth. Documents need to be translated into Italian and apostilled. The above mentioned certificate is issued by the Consulate of the home country of the foreign national, to obtain also the documents needed:

  • Passport and birth certificate;
  • Internal passport of the native country;
  • The document proving the identity of the bride or groom.

Also keep in mind that when applying for registration of marriage you should immediately choose, together You will own the property or separately – this is important because marriage contracts in Italy.

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