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Tips for buying property in Italy

The country of romance, art and La Dolce Vita. Italy is a sumptuous feast for true feelings. Cottages, houses, villas and apartments available across the country.

Incredible landscapes, some of them are the best works of art and architecture on the planet, mouth-watering cuisine, fine wines, beautiful beaches, quaint villages, bustling cities and, of course, a lot of real estate for sale. Property in Italy ranges from cottages in the Tuscan hills to apartments in the center of Rome.

Abruzzo and the stunning Northern Dolomites are ideal for those seeking property in Italy, mostly located in the mountains. Lazio is home to the incredible city of Rome, with its historic architecture, ruins and ancient monuments. Other cities, such as Milan, with its elegant style and Venice, famous for its canals. Perfect places to purchase real estate. Whatever Your tastes and budget, You are sure to find something that will satisfy You completely!

Advice proven, to purchase real estate:

  1. Do your geographical research. Tuscany is a favorite stretch overseas buyers, attracting about 35 percent of the people. As a result, it is the most expensive area.
  2. You will be able to afford? Despite the current world financial backdrop, the Italian real estate industry has not collapsed. Because the country did not go through the real estate boom of the first decade of the century.
  3. Pay attention to the documents realtors. Italian law States that all real estate agents must be licensed, qualifications and appropriate insurance and must be registered with the chamber of Commerce. When investing abroad, it is important to pay attention to these subtleties. To avoid broken deals or get into the hands of fraudsters.

The fact that anyone can buy property in Italy, whether it's a Tuscan farmhouse, Sardinian Villa or apartment overlooking lake Como, can not but rejoice. Because thousands of houses for sale real estate in Italy is available.

In Italy the number of estate agents, developers and private sellers — is constantly updated, there is a new choice to everyone to choose the property with any requirements.

Huge selection of ancient cities on hilltops, medieval towns and typical of farmhouses are now within easy reach thanks to low-cost airlines. At present prices the most affordable, as the country is slowly but surely coming out of the global crisis.

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