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Real estate prices in Italy

Italy is one of the popular tourist countries of the world. It has a rich cultural heritage, excellent climate, good infrastructure, stable economy. These settings just attract tourists. And some of them admire this country that want to stay to live there. People buy a house there and remain to dwell in this Paradise.

Perks of living in such a wonderful country quite a lot. One of the positive sides of Italy is the culture of people here, almost all are friendly, and the aggressors to meet is difficult. It is natural that the sea is also a huge plus to him with any part of the country can be reached not more than 2 hours. The cultural heritage of Italy is so rich that can turn the head any which are just ancient and powerful structures such as the Pantheon, the Colosseum, Roman forum and many other attractions. Also in Italy is fairly well spread modern technology throughout, which adds additional comfort.

Property in Italy usually always cost a lot of money, which is quite logical. Housing prices can vary greatly, starting from 30 thousand euros and millions of euros ending. Pretty easy to assume that the cheaper real estate less attractive in many ways. The more expensive the apartment or the Villa, the more solid housing. The most affordable region in terms of housing Calabria, here the infrastructure is not as good as the more expensive regions of Italy, but the nature, the sea and landscapes are no less fascinating. In Calabria you can buy an apartment near the sea in just 20-30 thousand euros and 50 000 euros you can purchase a full house with a small plot. If a person has the opportunity to purchase more expensive housing, then this is perfect Lombardy, the prices of villas start from EUR 1 million. Accordingly, that man with a fat wallet can afford the luxury of the chamber in this part of Sunny Italy. In Abruzzo are many protected areas, and hence ecological conditions here are beautiful. While in Abruzzo also has wide beaches and beautiful views from the window. Housing here is quite inexpensive. You can buy an apartment with large area, small area in addition to somewhere around 60 000 euros.

Property in Italy is quite varied and colorful, you can buy a small apartment in Central Rome, and you can purchase a full house in another part of the country for the same money.

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