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In Udine at 8 per cent increase in housing sales

Italian city of Udine, however, as the whole province, attracted the attention of investors the favorable situation in the housing market. The real estate market is growing rapidly, sets new records. Compared with June 2014, the same month of 2015 has brought an increase in the number of sold housing stock by 8%. Property in Italy is a great choice for investment.

In connection with the positive trend in the development of the real estate market, according to the assumptions of the local authorities, is to hope for improvement in socio-economic development of the region. Investment has a positive impact on the development of the construction industry, which in turn should bring the development of the banking sector. Mortgage lending at the moment is already in huge demand. Most real estate in Italy interested in young families wishing to build their own homes. The rental market is also not left without attention. Gradually increasing the return on investment in real estate.

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