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The Pearl Of Italy-Venice

According to an old legend, the ancient people survived due to the fact that saved from the enemies in the lagoon, where the sea protected them. Over time, they began to build their own town right on the water, to strengthen the skeleton of sushi, piles of logs Croatian larch, which does not spoil the sea, and to build bridges. And so it began to form an amazing and popular to this day in Venice!

Every year Venice attracts a crowd of discerning its unusual location on the water and stunning architecture. It is a very romantic city, where many holiday — lovers of weddings, someone finds their soul mate. Even having been here only a couple of days, you can feel like a local, see the sights or simply enjoy some quiet time on the beaches.

Be sure to order the gondola ride is very soothing. You will immediately fall in love with this city with its picturesque landscapes and will find finally peace of mind, will forget about their day to day worldly problems, what else do you need?! The Venetians of old were generous and honest people and to this day tourists are always greeted with joy and welcome.

Visit St. Mark's Basilica, and you will appreciate its magnificence. And palaces built near the canals is a masterpiece of construction!

If you want to feed the pigeons directly with your hands, then visit the local restaurants and cafes (they just live there). Every day, in the evening, Venice is transformed — in all corners of the city playing in small orchestras, eternally living masterpieces of Vivaldi and Mozart. A lot of newlyweds spend their honeymoon, here is a Paradise for lovers. You can go on holidays, festivals or a carnival, believe me, it's a very beautiful sight, which is long forgotten!

No man can resist the charms of Venice, glorified in songs and poems of many poets and romantics. Want peace and tranquility then you are welcome in the pearl of Italy!

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