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Art fashion silver party in Milan

Sunday 3 April in the creative district of Navigli in Milan held a private party Art Fashion Silver Party, organized with the assistance of cultural organizations Art Place. The Navigli district has long been considered a magnet for creative and fashionable people. Guests at this private party were representatives of the art and fashion industry, collectors, owners of galleries and stylish representatives of the high society of Milan. The Vernissage was attended by the artists and stylists from around the world, including from Russia. Group of companies Italia Facile presented at the Vernissage of works by famous Russian artist Andrey Smirnov (Andrey Smirnoff). During the evening invited guests could admire such works of the artist as "Ballerina", "Red", "Red" and "the dance Lesson". Paintings Andrei Smirnov has aroused excitement among the invited audience. Among those who showed special interest in the works of Russian artist Andrey Smirnov, it should be noted the bright representative of art, Marco Eugenio Di Giandomenico, an economist of art and culture, famous cultural Manager, lecturer at "L' Academia di belle arti di Brera di Milano", the Chairman of the Medec Istitute di Milano, President of the Association ETHICANDO di Milano, member of the scientific Committee of the social studies of GBS, as well as a successful writer. 2014 Marco Eugenio Di Giandomenico cooperates with the municipality of Milan to create a series of cultural films "Giants in Milan". Special guest of the evening was Alessandro Giorgetti, artist and one of the most famous at the international level, the Italian artists known around the world as a follower of the famous painter Mark Rothko (Mark Rothko). The guests of the evening was a unique opportunity to see the world famous painting "Lussuria", valued at 9,000 euros. After 5 years of exhibitions in new York, Singapore, Hong Kong and Moscow, to take photos with the famous painting are the guests of the evening Art Fashion Silver Party. Among the honorary guests should also note Federico Caloi, a famous Italian critic, founder and art Director of the project "Artistivi" and the television cultural program "The Artist Show". According to Federico Caloi, the work of Russian artist Andrei Smirnov reflect the special style of creativity and will have success among Italian connoisseurs of art.

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