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The presentation of the book Mikhail Talalay

On April 24 palm Sunday in the Orthodox parish of saints Peter and Paul in the city of Como hosted a presentation of books by Michael Talalay, "Milan Orthodox". The Catholic Church of St. Martin not so long ago became subordinate to the Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarch. This is largely due to father Alexei, the rector of the Church of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul. In Italy father Alexei always was closely associated with former compatriots and taking San, is headed by an already existing community. A special pride of the parish priest considers the iconostasis, which he did with his hands.

Thanks to the support of father Alexis and Association RussiAComo, with the participation of the magazine "Lake Como", made possible a meeting with the historian, the winner of the St. Macarius prize, the author of the book "Milan Orthodox" Mikhail Talalay.

Mikhail Talalay was born in Leningrad and after the collapse of the Soviet Union immigrated to Italy. He helped to translate into Russian language of dozens of guidebooks on Italy and Europe. However, recent years he devoted to research on Russian immigration to Italy, the history of the Orthodox Church in the Republic of Italy, the Russian cemeteries. His book "Milan Orthodox", one of a series of books about the Orthodox world in the Italian Republic. In the book he tells about the Christian history of Milan, about the exploits of the saints, the martyrs, the monk, the shrines of the old Mediolan – relics, icons and temples.

Company Italia facile also attended the book launch and got my copy autographed by the author

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