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Most of the residents of Calabria rented accommodation

According to the mass media in Italy and research specialists Italia Facile, the statistics of the real estate Fund as follows: slightly more than 55% of the inhabitants of Calabria prefer rented housing. Of these, about 34.2% of the rent an apartment in Italy because of the remoteness of their place of work from home. The vast majority of tenants in the future hopes permanent residence in a rented apartment or house. In practice, however, only 10% of families with rental housing remain in the new location large enough period of time - 4 years and more.

Rents real estate in Italy

Stable size of the rent when removing the housing note only 3.3% of respondents. While nearly 22% have to contend with regular increases in rent. Despite this overwhelming number of tenants able to create the most optimal conditions for investment.

In the opinion of competent experts, guaranteed rate of return homeowners who use private housing to commercial purposes, can only provide stable demand for rental apartments in Italy.

The recovery of the Italian real estate market

The real estate market in Italy is under active restoration. Experts in this field put forward the assumption that in the coming years will not only be more expensive to rent, but to increase the price of objects.

This situation will primarily affect the large cities, resort areas and those areas where it is actively manifests itself the renting of houses and apartments. But the trend is observed everywhere. So now is a suitable period for the profitable investment of capital.

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