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Farm Guzzafame

In this article we want to tell you about an unusual place, which is close to Milan. Farm Guzzafame is an age - old family history Monty. Thanks to a close-knit family and love for a common cause, today the farm Guzzafame not just farm, but one of the places where the Milanese prefer to spend time with family and friends away from the bustle of the city. The farm has its own bio garden, is grown here and rice and corn. But most of the farm's famous dairy and cheese, including yogurt, mozzarella, crescenza, ricotta, and hard and semi-hard cheeses. For the production of dairy products use only our own milk produced on the farm. Among the manufactured cheese, it is worth noting Nostrano, Torrazzo, Guzzafame and Guzza, cheese, produced according to original secret recipe.

There are on the farm, and two private restaurants, which welcome guests for lunch and dinner, as well as for organization of various events. Most of the products used for cooking, is produced on the farm. A special thank is a local beer manufactured on its own proprietary recipe.

In addition, the farm offers a variety of activities, here you can watch the process of cheese production, feed Pets and take part in the harvest.
Company Italia Facile also visited the farm and taste the famous cheeses, salami and beer company.

We invite You to follow our example.

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