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Paestum in Italy

Many believe that the Greek churches preserved only in Greece, but in cities, settlements near the Black sea. But that's not all. One of the best preserved temples of ancient Greek architecture in Italy, and more specifically, in the city of Paestum.

The fact that for long centuries been forgotten, since the 18th century again attracts many curious. Nowadays Paestum is one of the popular tourist destinations on the Italian Mediterranean coast.

About 600 year before Christ, the Greeks from Sybarite or Tresana founded their own colony. Their city they gave a resounding name of Poseidonia, in honor of the God of the sea Poseidon. Over the years, the welfare of the city and its residents has steadily increased, I had enough money in the city, close to each other, was built three huge temple, well-preserved and represents the main attraction of Paestum: the so-called "archaic Basilica", temple of Athena and the temple of Poseidon.

In the year 273 BC, the city became a Latin colony, it was renamed Paestum (Paestum). But under the Romans it very soon lost its influence and wealth. When Paestum, in addition to all its troubles, was destroyed in the 11th century by the Normans, the town and surrounding area was completely abandoned. The once mighty and influential, the center was forgotten. Temples, the remaining buildings, among which was a large amphitheater and city wall, with a length of 4.7 kilometers, was just left and they were no longer interested.

In the 18th century this region was paved great way. And then suddenly the temple complex has suddenly attracted the attention of the European public. With lightning speed, Paestum has become a tourist attraction number one in all of Italy. Every traveler felt obliged during a trip to Italy at least once to come to this place.

Because of the popularity, here in our time there is increased density of 5 - and 4-star hotels. But not forgotten and the owners of medium-purses is and Goodies, and campsites, and guesthouses. From Paestum is very convenient to reach in the immediate vicinity of the beaches of fine sand that allows to combine a cultural holiday with a beach holiday.

In addition, Paestum is included in the List of world cultural heritage of UNESCO, this means that subject to availability, to get acquainted with these monuments is a must.

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