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The Citizenship Of Italy

Dual citizenship of Russia and Italy is quite a handy feature if You're part of his time in Italy and part in Russia. In particular, two passports, there are many entrepreneurs doing their business in both States.

The conditions for obtaining Italian citizenship

Many countries legally prohibit the acquisition of a second citizenship. These are Denmark, Germany, China, India, etc. fortunately, the pearl of the Mediterranean, this list does not apply – the conditions for obtaining Italian citizenship says nothing about the renunciation of citizenship of another country. Thus, You can become a resident of Italy without losing a Russian passport.

If You think about how a Russian citizen to obtain citizenship in Italy, you have the following options:

  • The right of blood and right of soil. Priority right, which, unfortunately, is useless to us. The birth of the Italian resident and birth on the Italian territory;
  • Through the adoption. Suitable for minors of Russians: when adopting an Italian, they will receive citizenship;
  • Through permanent residence. If You have lived in Italy for ten years or more, and during this period was not seen in violations of the laws of this country, You can qualify for Italian citizenship, remaining a citizen of the Russian Federation.

Italian nationality through marriage

Italian nationality can also be obtained through marriage with an Italian resident. In this case, you must meet the following conditions:

  • You must be registered in Italy for no less than two years;
  • If You and Your spouse live outside of Italy, before the application for citizenship must be at least three years from the date of registration of the marriage;
  • By the time of the assignment of citizenship You must still be legally married and to live together.

All the above mentioned terms are reduced by two times, if the marriage were born/adopted children.

Dual citizenship of Russia and Italy: benefits in the EU

After receiving the citizenship of Italy, You will automatically receive citizenship of the European Union. This way You will be able to claim the following rights:

  • Permanent residence in any EU country;
  • Concessional financing and social security on their own needs, and the development of its business;
  • Work in any EU country with full social security;
  • Participation in the elections;
  • Visa-free entry to many countries that have relations with the EU.

Documents of the scheme and registration of citizenship of Italy

As a rule, to obtain Italian citizenship, You need five years to live in Italy with residence permit and to get permanent residence. Further, in another five years, You submit the documents for citizenship and, if the petition gets positive response, You will be invited to give the resolution on citizenship and taking the oath.

Have questions on obtaining Italian citizenship? Our experts with pleasure will answer them, write!

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