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Culinary magic of Italy

Culinary secrets have always divided mankind into consumers and chefs. In our time, the ratio between these categories is rapidly declining. Today's trend a variety of culinary courses that allow consumers to join the clan masters of the pots and soup ladles. The ability to cook has become fashionable!

Cookery courses in Italy: revealing the secrets of Mediterranean cuisine

Italy is famous for its diverse rich and healthy tradition. Dishes of different regions of this beautiful country is unique. Learn how to expertly cook authentic Italian food books and TV programs are not so easy. Because of its divine taste is often not detailed descriptions and accurate measures of weight, and user-selected and thrown into the pot with a handful of needed ingredient.

To teach this can only cookery courses in Italy. Their advantages are clarity, the ability to ask any question to the master and all the traditional ingredients-components. If desired, students can enjoy exciting excursions and to learn the secrets of the production of wines, cheeses, olive oil. Believe me, after a full immersion in the customs of the people, who know how to enjoy life, You will be much easier to conjure in the kitchen.

Teaching at the courses is entrusted to the talented chefs, passionate about their work. Life-loving Italians are well aware that the cooking courses are taken not only in order to learn how to cook. Reaching startling heights of culinary art, students communicate with each other, and learn many new, fun and exciting time. Therefore, the transfer of experience and explanation on the topic, what to do, accompanied by funny stories about the creation of meals, local legends, traditions, etc.

The secrets of culinary magic for gourmets and gourmands

What is taught in the courses?

  • Know and use the typical ingredients of Italian cuisine.
  • To deal in herbs, spices, sauces, vinegar and olive oil.
  • Learn to cook fresh, dry and stuffed pasta, polenta and gnocchi.
  • Learn the secrets of cooking white and red meat, fish and poultry.
  • To know the features of the dishes with vegetables, mushrooms and, separately, with truffles.
  • Learn how to understand cheeses, smoked meats and sausages.
  • To understand the secrets of making amazing crispy pizza.

Cooking courses in Italy allow great time! After cooking pasta with original sauce or succulent tortellini with ricotta, You are sure to taste them with their peers. Back home, surprise your family and friends well-honed skills to prepare mouth-watering Panna cotta or Sabayon.

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