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To buy a house in Italy

Italy — this country, which from time immemorial famous for its abundance of ancient architectural structures, wonderful climate, scenery, warm sea and a lot of it. Therefore, every self-respecting wealthy person eager to purchase a property in this Paradise, overlooking the sea. It is quite clear that desire, comfort and beauty, coupled with a good investment is what pushes the wealthy citizens to purchase a Villa or house.

Property in Italy is constantly increasing in price. This increase absolutely nothing to the global crisis and other disasters, for sustainable demand for premium-class apartments and "houses" easier, is very stable. Indeed, Italy shares borders with many European countries and to buy a property is considered prestigious.

You can always choose a property according to your taste and wallet. Most importantly, the buyer needs to decide what he really wants. Does he need olive grove or garden, what style should be done the structure, in which area it should be and so on. If you anticipate a seasonal residence, then why should a future homeowner heating. In General, you need a good understanding of personal preferences and requirements, and then we should do a more narrow search.

Buying property does not automatically receive a residence permit in this country. For these purposes, you need at least to marry the Italian, or open in Italy some business. To buy property in Italy, you need to go through several stages heroically and courageously endure all the procedure:

  1. You need to select a specific object.
  2. Usually, you will pay a Deposit in order to reserve the selected object.
  3. It is necessary to open personal Bank account and obtain a tax code.
  4. If housing were purchased in the secondary market, the notary checks the property on the "legal purity".
  5. Shall sign the original contract, fixing the sale. Mandatory payment is required of the contract which sum is equal to 10% of the cost of the structure. In the preliminary contract shall include the terms of signing of the contract final.
  6. When you purchase real estate all the costs of paperwork borne by the buyer. He personally pays for the services of a notary.

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