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Pension in Italy

The question of what now the minimum pension in Italy, and what its size, is asked more often in the network. Let's take a closer look at this article this moment.

At the moment in Italy there are several different pensions. Old-age pension is entitled to those who have reached 66 years and regularly paid all the premiums. From that moment, and the foreigners and the Italians have the right to no longer work. Those who engaged in some individual activity, for example, farmers or artisans, too, after all payments can rely on the age pension. If a family loses a breadwinner, she rely payments for loss of breadwinner. Even Housewives have the right to special pension from a special Fund if their unpaid work were associated with caring for a particular family member. There are also a number of social pensions and benefits, which often extinguished at the expense of Fund of the clergy. The average pension in Italy to 2015 amounts to 1 thousand euros.

Pensions in Italy for foreigners

Rules of pension accruals for other EU citizens – the same as for Italians, that is, payments are subject to certain contributions and after reaching a certain age. But for foreigners retirement in Italy – including Russians – are slightly different rules. Absolutely any citizen of another country shall also be entitled to receive pension payments, but very important will be here, the number of donations made. The fact that in Italy the size of pension payments depends not only on experience, namely, of the paid quota contributions. It is this level of contributon is the main problem of foreigners. But if you leave the country, then the alien will be paid to Italian pension in full. By the way, the minimum social payment of the Italian legislation also gives any foreigner, in this case mandatory.

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