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Work in Italy

The question today, is it possible to find work in Italy are there in Italy working for the Russian, increasingly set in the global network, and in particular, in Runet. Let's try to answer it in a little more detail in this article.

The man who wants to find work in Italy for hire, must first find yourself, in fact, the employer who will submit them for a special request – to obtain permission to work in Italy.

In order to take a person from a country outside the EU countries, the employer is obliged to submit a special request to the Unified Immigration Office at the place of potential work of a foreign citizen. This is a request for a permit is held under a special quota for admitting foreign workers – they are the maximum allowed in the current year the number of foreigners employed.

How to submit a request to find a job in Italy

If the name of a potential employee to the employer is already known, it takes the unified Immigration Office:

  • Through a special website request of the individual citizen of a country outside the EU;
  • The documents that a foreign national has housing that meets sanitary standards;
  • The draft of the future contract to the employee which specifies the obligation on the part of the enterprise of the employer to pay the foreign worker the road in both directions when his possible deportation;
  • A statement requiring the employer to notify to the Unified Immigration Office about any changes which affect working relationships, for example, the change of the legal address, the termination of the contract etc.

After receipt of the request, SEB makes a request:

  • At police headquarters regarding a particular alien on the presence/absence of the reasons which prevent the issuance of a permit;
  • The Department of Labour of the Province regarding the pass/fail conditions of the contract with the foreign worker, as well as the solvency of the employer.

If at least one request is received a negative response, given the refusal of the work permit.

If the decision is positive, then the question of how to obtain a work permit in Italy, in fact, can be considered solved.

The employer issued a special permission to sign a contract with a foreigner, remotely via special programs provide the documents in a special section of the Consulate.

I hope we answered you question, how to find a job in Italy.

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