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Average salary in Italy in 2015

The question today, what are the wages in Italy and who better to go to work there, is increasingly heard in the network. Let us in this article let's try this question reveal a bit more.

Many enterprises today Italy is experiencing a serious shortage of qualified personnel, for example, builders, bakers, carpenters, cooks etc. in addition, the great demand for nurses and beauticians.

In addition, if you speak English at a good level and have a TOEFL certificate, then it will greatly expand the horizons. You will be able to get a job at any firm or institution in which you want the knowledge of this language, for example, as a teacher of English in the educational institution. Naturally, your salary will be much higher.

And now about the level of salaries in Italy

The highest salary level for today is offered by employers in the Northern regions of Italy, at the points of concentration of industrial cities – Milan and other major cities. It is interesting that at the end of the year workers in Italy pay the 13th salary, in some enterprises even the 14th and 15th.

However, Italy, though part of the 8 most developed countries, but the income level of the population it is not very high.

Average salary in Italy in 2015 amounted to 1.5 thousand euros, which is considered in this country a fairly low level. It is possible, for example, to afford a small apartment in Turin, and for 500 euros to travel for vacation.

By the way, the doctors in Italy can, depending on skill level and experience, of course, to qualify for pay up to 4 thousand euros. The amount, of course, depends on the clinic and, importantly, in Italy, especially southern regions, friendly relations or family relations.

Average salary in Italy in women employed in households in the southern regions of the country, is about 500-600 euros, in more highly developed cities of the North – up to 1.5 thousand Euro.

That is logical, many guest workers, including foreigners, initially prefer to live in the Northern regions or moving here from the South in search of work.

Minimum wages in Italy are not set by law and is governed exclusively by sectoral agreements. Its average size is about 600-700 euros.

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