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Term, and not for the future. Silvio Berlusconi sentenced to three years in prison

From an incorrigible womanizer Silvio Berlusconi with justice special relationship. But not in such a young age Hobbies such women can lead to the fact that life will end outside of liberty, even if the term Themis will determine very little. The court of Naples, afford to use all the severity of punishment in a lawful manner, understands that to take away from the Italians tireless political Joker (in spite of his grey hairs), even he is unable. Real Italian newsmaker, Berlusconi is always in sight, always in the thick of things, and then led the most scandalous stories. Femida - the woman severe. Three years of real imprisonment - such is its verdict. But even she understood that the reality is likely to turn into a Convention. Because apart from the first instance there is still a cassation and the court of appeal. It is autumn - time, when does the Statute of limitations.

The indictment of the public Prosecutor was full of "historic" phrases, some of which the press of Italy was designated as "the purchase and sale of the senators". The public Prosecutor predicted that the story of Silvio Berlusconi will go down in textbooks for the purpose of prevention for future generations. Due to their own money, Berlusconi everywhere there are people, including in Parliament. These two components and allowed him in 2008-m to year to regain power. "Ingredients" there were many, but "split" only Sergio De Gregorio, a Senator, to date, with a small correction ex.

At the beginning of the process Silvio Berlusconi was already "modest resources" - four years, he successfully acquired for fraud, financial, of course. And also the anxious waiting for the verdict in the case of a young inhabitant of Morocco. Four years have sunk into oblivion together with the Amnesty. For fun with marrokanka - judged was the case, but exonerated. And the verdict justice, without real action. How to name it later? Sentence example? Good probably idea, to which Silvio Berlusconi is irrelevant. The Prosecutor stated that bribing people and manipulating the vote in Italy is not that other, as economic power. Whatever the advantage of the left in Parliament, but among them are people too. And the money has not been canceled.

The archive is already waiting for these materials. But Berlusconi is much more difficult. Its so easy to the archive will not send. A new investigation suggests that about 20 girlfriends Lovelace give false testimony. He himself was accused that he was paying her for silence. From 5 to 7 million euros - flawed ruby (the same underage Moroccan). For the services of a Senator - less than half. Women - the most precious and most expensive hobby of don Silvio. Themis is a woman, in addition to Berlusconi's more constant than others, including the government. It is assumed that with him she will not leave till the last days of his life.

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