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Industrial activity in Italy continues to grow

The month of may happy record whose registration was not made in 2011. According to Istat, the month of may 2015 can be proud of the industrial production in Italy rose 0.9% compared to the previous month, and by 3% compared to may of the previous year. Almost all industries are encouraging growth. Higher growth rates are different oil industries and areas for coke production (the growth rate is 16.2%), manufacture of machinery and equipment (15.4 per cent), manufacturing of medicines and pharmaceutical products (10,5% growth in this area). Not to mention the steady growth in the industry, engaged in manufacturing vehicles, said the statistical Agency ISTAT. Compared with may 2014 production of cars increased by 55.6%. But not all industry state such optimistic figures. Manufacture of textiles in Italy fell by 1.4%, and the rate of production of tobacco, beverages and food fell by 0.5%.

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