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Red Art Party in Milan

     Last Sunday, may 1, in the heart of Milan, in Piazza Duomo, was a closed cultural event called RED ART PARTY. The event was organized with the participation of the nonprofit organization Art Place and it was one of the most famous terraces of Milan, Terrazzo 21 in Piazza Duomo. The event was attended by artists and stylists. The greatest delight of the guests of the evening called fashion from stylists Martin Alvarez and Lourdes Dumes. Martin Alvarez stylist Colombian origin, years living in Milan where she studied fashion and marketing. His girlfriend Lourdes Dumes, born in Ecuador, where she began her career as a ballet dancer Hip Hop. Later, he moved to Milan, where in 2010 designs.

     On show were a collection of evening dresses and lightweight coats. It is worth noting that thanks to the organizers of the evening, the fashion show was a success!

     Among the honored guests visited the company's team Italia Facile. Thank you to all our friends and colleagues had a great evening.

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