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Spy story, a love story

     On Saturday 16 July in the town of Saronno, has passed presentation of the book by the famous writer Nikolai Lilin "Spy story, a love Story".

     The writer of the Transnistria widely known to the Italian public thanks to his book "Siberian education". This book is a literary sensation and was translated into many languages. Later, the famous Italian Director Gabriel Salvatores was shot the same film. In her book, the writer tells about the life of gangsters, thieves, whom he calls "Honest thieves". Also great attention is paid to criminal tattoos. Oddly enough, this topic aroused great interest among Europeans. Currently, the writer has his own Tattoo parlor in Milan, where devotes of young Italian artists in the sacrament of the criminal tattoo.


     And after the acclaimed novel "Siberian education" Nikolay Lilin returns to the stage with a book "Spy story. A love story". In this book, the author tells the story of a killer Alyosha, who began to kill from childhood, but at some point in their lives decided to retire. However, its customer Cancers gives him one last job. The action takes place in Milan, where he met Martha, which make him rethink his whole life.


     Also at the presentation was visited by the company "Italia Facile".

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