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For a visa to Italy

What documents are required for visa to Italy alone? Let's try to understand. Below we give the list of required documents for the 2016-2017 year.

For the visa to Italy the following documents are required

  • Hotel booking or invitation of a citizen, in fact, Italy + copy of the passport. Be sure to specify the exact terms of stay in Italy and place of residence.

It allowed the presentation of the hotel reservation with the exact address, telephone and stay. If you will be staying in several hotels, the booking needed from each of them. If you own a property in Italy or are planning to rent, lease or sale, designed personally for you, original and copy. If a business organization located in Italy, I need reinforcements guarantee the return of a person after a certain period of time + the exact address of his residence. If you plan to visit other Schengen countries, it is important to book hotels for stay in all countries;

  • The return tickets or the booking of these tickets, original copy. If you plan to visit several Schengen countries, requires a detailed itinerary;
  • Necessarily the presence of for Schengen countries, original+copy. The minimum coverage 30 thousand Euro;
  • Clear copies of your passport pages with photo and personal data;
  • A completed application form a standard specimen+photo, in Italian, English or transliteration. For a child up to 18 years the form must sign both parents;
  • Original certificate from your employer about the position, experience and income with the date of issuance. Pupils and students – a certificate from place of study, pensioners – pension certificate;
  • Some financial guarantee that ensures your stay in Italy, I got confirmation of the availability of funds in your account;
  • Of course, the passport as the primary document for a visa to Italy;
  • Receipt for payment of consular fees. Does not apply to children under 12 years, disabled persons and close relatives of citizens of EU countries;
  • The passport of citizenship of the Russian Federation/any other state;
  • The original consent to the processing of personal data.

Now you can't leave, what documents are needed for visa to Italy. In addition, be prepared to fingerprinting and digital photographing directly during the delivery of documents. These data will be stored for about five years.

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