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How to apply for a Schengen visa to Italy alone

"Do I need a visa to Italy for Russians?" - this is one of the most popular tourist questions. Italy has been and remains one of the most attractive travel the country, so the number of people wanting to visit the pearl of the Mediterranean never lets up. And visa is the first thing you need to take care of.

In 2016-2017 the answer is simple: you need a visa. But with the question: "How to do" - not so simple, there are options.

How to apply for a visa to Italy alone?

Italy is the country where the Schengen agreement. In other words, getting a visa to any EU countries, You can visit Italy without any problems. Unfortunately, to get a Schengen visa to Italy can be difficult – at least if done through the Embassy.

The easiest way to make a visa to Italy through the visa center, which also offers the cheapest health insurance (required for visa). Please note that visa processing can take five working days or more, so make sure in advance.

How much it costs to get a visa to Italy?

Visa for up to three months will cost You 35 euros. Note that it is impossible to obtain without a reservation of the hotel at the specified time, and without confirmation of Your financial capacity. In other words, You must provide evidence of 30 euros for each day of Your stay in the country.

Visa to Italy can be:

  • Tourist (single-entry or Multisystem);
  • Transit;
  • Transport (airport);
  • Working;
  • Business;
  • Student.

For each visa requires different documents, it also must be considered.

What documents are needed in order to obtain a visa to Italy?

For tourist visa You will need:

  • Form filled in Italian or English. Signed by the applicant;
  • A passport valid for at least three months after the end of the trip
  • Copies of passport pages;
  • Internal Russian passport;
  • International medical insurance in the amount of 30 000 EUR, valid throughout the trip;
  • The hotel reservation confirmation;
  • Confirmation of availability of money (for example, certificate of currency exchanger or copies of Bank cards to extract them);
  • Certificate of employment issued indicating the position, salary and dates of employment;
  • Originals and copies of return ticket or confirmation of reservation;
  • Photo (30x40mm, color, white background, without corners and ovals).

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