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Bread "Carasau"

Bread "Carasau" the most famous bread in Sardinia. Also this bread called "Carta di musica", which translated from Italian means "Music paper". This name he received for his subtlety and musical crunch.

Karasu appeared on Sardinia in the bronze age, it was prepared by Housewives for their husbands shepherds, who went to the pasture for many months. Due to the special method of baking bread", Carasau" can be stored for up to 6 months. The thing is that the bread put into the oven twice, the second time to dry it, while increasing shelf life. The shepherds ate the bread with sheep's or goat's cheese. With time, these tastes have conquered even true gourmets. Today "Carasau" can be enjoyed not only in Sardinia but also in the best Italian restaurants around the world.

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