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Commission real estate Agency

Real estate Agency is entitled to remuneration, as the seller and the purchaser when an agreement is reached on the transaction of purchase and sale. Law of Agency remuneration is called "Provvigione" this right is the place to be, even in the absence of a written contract, however, is always to achieve consensus.

The reward is calculated as a percentage of the transaction amount for the sale. The law stipulates a fixed interest rate that gives you the freedom agreement between the parties. However, if the contract between the parties provides otherwise, the remuneration is calculated based on the size recommended by the Camera di commercio (Chamber of Commerce) which (is usually 3% seller and 3% from the buyer).

Most often the reward is to be paid at the time of signing the preliminary contract Compromesso, but can be agreed other terms of payment, for example, at the time of the notarial act. However, the Agency is entitled to remuneration simply because act as an intermediary between the seller and buyer, so the deal was made.

Accordingly, the service Agency must be paid even if the contract is signed by the parties separately, or in the future. In any case, if after signing the preliminary contract of sale, through the fault of one of the parties, a notarial contract of sale is not concluded, the guilty party must pay for the services.

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