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Cheese Casu Marzu

Casu Marzu – the traditional cheese of Sardinia. Its name is translated from Sardinian dialect as "Rotten cheese." This Sardinian delicacy is prepared from sheep's cheese "Pecorino". To accelerate the process of decay of this cheese use cheese fly larvae. One female cheese fly lays about 500 larvae, which subsequently eat the cheese, highlighting special enzymes. It is believed that these enzymes increase the potency, so cheese is often served at weddings.

For a long time the official production of this cheese was banned in Italy, as the penetration of larvae into the human body can cause unwanted effects, such as allergies, intestinal infections, nausea etc But then he was recognized as a national treasure and once again allowed to manufacture. To eat only cheese with live maggots, so there is a special technology for the cleaning of larvae from the cheese before eating. This cheese is wrapped in a special paper package, from lack of oxygen, the larvae begin to jump into the pack and then die, after which the cheese can be eaten.

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