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Cheese Puzzone di Moena

Puzzone di Moena is a popular cheese that is produced in the eponymous town of Moena in Trentino - Alto Adige / südtirol. "Puzzone di Moena" in Italian means "Stinker of Moena". In fact, this cheese has a very pungent smell. It has a sticky orange rind that is washed weekly with warm salt water. Despite its little appetizing name, this cheese gained popularity throughout Europe and is a mandatory dish for tourists in Trentino - Alto Adige / südtirol. It is believed that it goes well with polenta and potato dishes.

There is a legend that lived in the Dolomites king of the dwarfs named Laurino. He had in his possession an amazingly beautiful garden, in which grew roses. King Laurino was in love with a girl of amazing beauty by the name of Moena. But unfortunately, she was not in love with him, and then he kidnapped her and locked himself in his garden. After some time the king conquered the girl's heart and they got married. But the girl's father called the king to a duel. The beauty of the rose garden so that my dad likes Moena, and he wanted to take over the garden. And so the king of midgets makes your garden in the mountain peaks. And today, the mountains, the former, once a rose, at sunset painted in the color pink, and this pink color is well visible from the town of Moena.

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