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Immigration on a work visa

Immigration on a work visa      Immigration to Italy by invitation to work, or Lavoro subordinato is a convenient way that is ideal if you already have contact with a future employer and have a profession that is valuable for this country. In this case, you get an "entry visa for work", and it must be done before the start of the work itself. The work permit for hire in Italy will be valid for 180 days and during this period the applicant must apply for a d Lavoro subordinato visa at the Italian Consulate.

     Thus, immigration on a work visa looks like this:
  1. You find an Italian company interested in your services and get an invitation to work;
  2. You are applying for a work visa at the Consulate;
  3. After receiving a visa, you go to Italy and on arrival submit a package of documents for a residence permit.
     The validity of such a visa and residence permit, respectively, is one year, after which it is possible to extend. After five years of legal stay in Italy, you can apply for permanent residence.

Who falls into the category of employees

     These are highly qualified specialists-translators, medical staff, doctors, athletes, sailors, University professors, journalists and correspondents, dancers, who can get an invitation to work from an Italian employer.

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