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Struffoli is a traditional Neapolitan sweet. Most often, struffoli preparing for Christmas and New year, and give to relatives for the Christmas holidays. It's little balls of dough fried in oil and soaked in honey.

The Italians are very sensitive to the traditions of celebrating the New year, moreover they are very superstitious. So, for example, is considered a good omen if the holiday table has 13 guests and on the table there are 13 dishes. On the festive table must be grape, as it is a symbol of longevity. Under the chiming clock, you must eat 12 grapes.

Cheese "Montebore" is considered one of the rarest cheeses in the world. This cheese is made from a mixture of cow's and sheep's milk and the consistency of it is similar to cheese "Brieuc". It has a delicate mild flavor and covered with a white mould rind.

The healthcare system in Italy is considered to be one of the best in the world. In the international ranking it the country is, among other things, in second place. It is nice that with such a high quality prices of medicine in Italy is much lower than in other developed countries of the European Union.

The question today, is it possible to find work in Italy are there in Italy working for the Russian, increasingly set in the global network, and in particular, in Runet. Let's try to answer it in a little more detail in this article.

The question today, what are the wages in Italy and who better to go to work there, is increasingly heard in the network. Let us in this article let's try this question reveal a bit more.