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Many believe that the Greek churches preserved only in Greece, but in cities, settlements near the Black sea. But that's not all. One of the best preserved temples of ancient Greek architecture in Italy, and more specifically, in the city of Paestum.

Italy - this country, which from time immemorial famous for its ancient buildings, wonderful climate, scenery, warm sea and a lot of it. Therefore, every self-respecting wealthy person eager to purchase a property in this Paradise, overlooking the sea.

Bread "Carasau" the most famous bread in Sardinia. Also this bread called "Carta di musica", which translated from Italian means "Music paper". This name he received for his subtlety and musical crunch.

In April, the lovers of white asparagus from around the world gather in the town of Bassano del Grappa, the undisputed leader in the cultivation. With the start of the season in the city almost all the dishes are prepared with the addition of asparagus, including dessert. One of the most popular desserts is cheesecake with asparagus in sweet syrup.

The painting "the last Supper" was completed in 1498. The story depicts the last supper of Jesus with his disciples at which he announced the betrayal of one of them. The meeting was held secretly. During the meal, an important event took place – the Establishment of the New Covenant and the sacrament.

The first mention of balsamic vinegar are to be found in 1046. According to the manuscripts, Italian Marquis Bonifacio gave balsamic vinegar as a gift to the German Emperor Henry II. Indeed, in those days, such gifts were worthy only of a noble person. Originally balsamic vinegar was used as a healing remedy, has long been well-known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.