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The question of what now the minimum pension in Italy, and what its size, is asked more often in the network. Let's take a closer look at this article this moment.

What documents are required for visa to Italy alone? Let's try to understand. Below we give the list of required documents for the 2016-2017 year.

"Do I need a visa to Italy for Russians?" - this is one of the most popular tourist questions. Italy has been and remains one of the most attractive travel the country, so the number of people wanting to visit the pearl of the Mediterranean never lets up.

For Russian citizens marriage registration in Italy are available only under the condition that one of the future newlyweds is a resident of this state. In special cases can sign foreigners not resident in Italy, but here we are talking about a ceremony held on a paid basis. Service is rather expensive, consider this.

Dual citizenship of Russia and Italy is quite a handy feature if You're part of his time in Italy and part in Russia. In particular, two passports, there are many entrepreneurs doing their business in both States.