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From 1 June 2014 changed the registration, mortgage and cadastral taxes on the purchase of real estate on a cash basis and have been abolished almost all the benefits. The change in legislation did not affect the order and rate of calculation of the VAT on the purchase of real estate, however, the registration, mortgage and cadastral taxes (in the case where the purchased property is subject to VAT) increased from 168 to 200 euros.

Relevant topic when discussing the most profitable options for investing in Russia is the investment of funds in real estate in Italy. This choice is dictated by two main reasons: a promising investment and improving housing conditions.

According to the mass media in Italy and research specialists Italia Facile, the statistics of the real estate Fund as follows: slightly more than 55% of the inhabitants of Calabria prefer rented housing. Of these, about 34.2% of the rent an apartment in Italy because of the remoteness of their place of work from home.

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Italian city of Udine, however, as the whole province, attracted the attention of investors the favorable situation in the housing market. The real estate market is growing rapidly, sets new records. Compared with June 2014, the same month of 2015 has brought an increase in the number of sold housing stock by 8%.