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Last Friday 15 July in one of the liveliest areas of Milan, the famous bar "Davai Milano," was a unique Red Russian Party. Lounge bar "Davai Milano" is made in a modern style and the famous range of cocktails based on vodka "Russian standard".

The country of romance, art and La Dolce Vita. Italy is a sumptuous feast for true feelings. Cottages, houses, villas and apartments available across the country.

Puzzone di Moena is a popular cheese that is produced in the eponymous town of Moena in Trentino-Alto Adige / südtirol. "Puzzone di Moena" in Italian means "Stinker of Moena".

Italy is one of the popular tourist countries of the world. It has a rich cultural heritage, excellent climate, good infrastructure, stable economy. These settings just attract tourists. And some of them admire this country that want to stay to live there. People buy a house there and remain to dwell in this Paradise.

In this article we want to tell you about an unusual place, which is close to Milan. Farm Guzzafame is an age - old family history Monty. Thanks to a close-knit family and love for a common cause, today the farm Guzzafame not just farm, but one of the places where the Milanese prefer to spend time with family and friends away from the bustle of the city.